Drupal 8 and external smtp relay

I have been recently involved in developing a web portal on drupal. One of the requirements of the project was to run on docker.

Letting aside the royal pain that understanding docker is being to me, I had (and I still have) to face strict limitations on the “customizability” of the environment.

I took drupal directly from the docker image repository, and I have to admit that for a basic and straightforward configuration it is quite simple and plain. But what about more specific needs, like, for example, sending emails? The truth is that it is not so crazy, but it requires a bit of understanding of how docker works. Such understanding I evidently still lack.

Anyway, the basic idea behind it is that, if someone yet “conteinerized” it (please, forgive me for this lingustic murder), you can use it and skip all the mess it would be doing it by yourself. Nice and, in some sense, assigning different tasks to different containers is somehow a modern view of the UNIX way.

Future is scary.